The Artworks

"Tic Tac" by Inez Olude da Silva (Belgium)

"Untitled" by Douglas Galloway (USA)

"Watercolor of Flooded Fields" by Sherri Ayers (USA)

"Ocean 2" by Michalis Kotsaris (Greece)

"Ocean 1"by Michalis Kotsaris (Greece)


"ALBORADA III" 6/30 by Victor Femenias (Chile)


"ALBORADA II" 12/30. Victor Femenias (Chile)


"ALBORADA" 18/30 by Victor Femenias (Chile)

Robert Tucker

"Fractured Earth" by Robert Tucker, USA

Ball of Confusion

"Ball of Confusion" by Robert Tucker, USA

"Green Peace" by Donald Foronda of Daspectrum, Philippines

"Earth Patch" by Donald Foronda of Daspectrum, Philippines

"Lemon Prints" by Katerina Matejovsky-Nikoltsou, Greece

"I'm Loving It!" by Katerina Matejovsky-Nikoltsou, Greece

"It's not just for breakfast" by Bifidus Jones, USA

"Ultimate Solution" by Marcelo Constantini, Buenos Aires

"Wave of Waste" by Alberto Alba, Spain


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